How Many Dinner Plates Were on The Greatest Titanic


Is there anyone who has not heard the name of the greatest ship Titanic? I think everyone in this present world has heard name the of the ship Titanic. Anyway how many dinner plates were on the titanic? The question is really strange. But the question may raise in your minds when you will see the movie Titanic by James Cameron.

In the movie ‘Titanic’, in one point when Titanic is going to sank down, a lot of plates were falling down. So how many dinner plates were on the titanic?

how many dinner plates were on the titanic
How Many Dinner Plates Were on The Titanic?

The ship was built in 1909 in Ireland. Titanic had almost 3547 passenger capacity in all classes. Titanic has a total 12000 plates of dinner on the board.

How many passengers were on the greatest ship?

The greatest ship had 833 first class passengers accommodation, 614 for the second class passengers, 1006 in Third class passengers and finally 1000 for crew members. So how many dinner plates were on the titanic? So the answer definitely will come huge.

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The great ship Titanic was built in Belfast. The ship building company Harland and Wolff has assigned to make this ship. Destined to operate between Southampton UK to New York port, and due to its massive size it accommodated unprecedented number of passengers never seen before. It was really massive ship at that time.

It was the biggest ship in those days.  And it was believed that it would never sink. But the ship had been sunk after hit with a huge iceberg at North Atlantic Ocean on April 1912.

Many lives were loosen. About 1500 passengers and crew were died out of 2224 total. It was the largest catastrophe at that time.

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