The lamb by William Blake analysis theme summary symbolism


The lamb William Blake analysis is going to discuss by me, my dear students. The lamb by William Blake analysis summary theme are an outstanding subject in Song of Experience by William Blake. So i hope you will enjoy my writing.

The lamb theme William Blake analysis summary

William Blake’s are the outburst of his holy rapture. The celebrate the mildness meekness and spontaneous delight of the childhood. As a true artist Blake has expressed the spontaneity of art through the spontaneity of his songs. Harmony of Joy guardianship of innocence are the characteristic features of the world of innocence. On the other hand, the world of Experience is sordid, sterile and dominated by Evil. It is to be said that the songs of Innocence states of human soul.

the lamb william blake theme

The poem has a simple rhyme scheme. The rhyme scheme of this poem is AA BB CC DD AA AA AA EF DD EE AA. Layout is set up by two stanzas with the refrain in this poem:

“Little Lamb who made thee?

Dost thou know who made thee?”

In the first stanza the poet wonders who is the creators of Lamb. The answer lies at the end of the poem. Here we find a vivid physical description of the lamb which is seen as a pure and gentle creature. In the second stanza, the lamb is compared and the infant Jesus as well as between the lamb and the soul of poet. In the last two lines Blake identifies the creator. Textual reference is evident here to clear the idea:

“Little Lamb, God bless thee!

Little Lamb, God bless thee!

The lamb theme william blake symbolism

Lamb which symbolize innocence mildness meekness and holiness is dominant is “Songs of Innocence”. The world that has been depicted in the songs of innocence has become the metaphysical picture of the Lamb. Lamb is the symbol of Jesus Christ son of God. In this poem, Blake visualizes the holiness of the lamb and child and unifies them with Jesus- Christ . It obvious that the link that connects these three figures is “innocence”. Christ refers to himself as the lamb of God. He says in the following ways:

“The Lamb of God that taketh away

The sin of the world”

In the Bible Christ is referred to both as a lamb and shepherd.

The note of pastoralist struck first ‘Introduction’ is echoed in this poem too. The Lamb is associated with pastoralist in which Blake symbolizes innocence and joy.

So we can say that the poem “The Lamb” by William Blake, is a significant poem. In this poem the Lamb symbolizes the tender soft and less harsh aspects of human soul.

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