What Being a Writer Means


As said by Carson McCullers, “A writer is by nature a dreamer. A conscious dreamer.”

A dream is worth a thousand ideas. And though anyone can dream, a conscious dreamer never forgets their dreams, neither do they forget their dreams’ worth. They always try to seek its meaning.

Whether the writing is expository, narrative, persuasive, or descriptive, a writer puts multiple, vague, and raw ideas down in smooth free-flowing form to be easily digestible to his audience.

Through their grab on the language, a writer inflames the mind of his readers, and through his understanding of the topic he can take his readers to long interesting journeys.

what being a writer means

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Source of inspiration

Just like a dream, a writer can draw inspiration from the simplest things in life; taking a simple walk, reading the labels of their coffee cups, watching the TV, or reading. Like a pop, the inspiration feels their brain and almost drives them crazy with excitement. The writer then puts these ‘inspiration’ in simple forms.

Writing and flows

When a writer steps on his piece, he doesn’t write to please his audience (most of the time). They write in a way to awaken the mind of their readers. The Harry Potter series does just that, and today it is one of the biggest series in the world. A writer mostly wants to relate his ‘dreams’/ideas to his readers to make them also everyone’s dream.

Pure Imagination is key for a writer

A writer has a vast imagination that is not limited by the boundaries of the human body. A writer weaves his reader through the realms of possibilities, abstract, futuristic, and other models. While there are limits to the human body, the writer helps us to explore the vastness of our minds.

Writers always have new things to show

As the saying goes, “To live a thousand lives, one must read a thousand books.”

With each new topic/book a writer writes, he exposes a whole unknown world either in connection with ours or nostalgic. Just like a dreamer, he promotes new ‘worlds’ and better possibilities in a simple mixture of ink, paper, and shapes. The same way J.K Rowling (Harry Potter) gave us a surreal possibility of a magical world.

Writers seek to know more

There are really few professions that are as learning-needy as writers. They are not afraid to go to any lengths to study and learn about a particular subject. Only a few professionals travel as much as writers. Once they get a dream, they stick to it.

Writers always have a hidden goal

No one is as goal-oriented as a writer, their works are purposeful, and their styles are unmistakable. They might twist and tweak a plot in the shrewdest way, but the goal is always in sight. There are deeper meanings to the end of writing that leaves you with lots of ‘questions’ rather than answers.

Wrapping Up

Even if a writer writes in things that are not real, they still pass a message. The hidden message of (Animal Farm) George Orwell, (A Christmas Carol) Charles Dickens, and many others will never be obsolete.

A writer neither believes in the authenticity of reality nor does he believe in the impossibility of the abstract. A writer aims to connect the two worlds; Indeed, being a writer means being a conscious dreamer.

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