Last Words The horror! The Horror of Kurtz in heart of darkness by Joseph Conrad


Students what is the significance of the last words of Kurtz in heart of darkness? The last words the horror the horror heart of darkness signifies something. Let’s discuss.

Character of Kurtz in Heart of Darkness

Joseph Conrad successfully pictures the evil character of Kurtz in Heart of Darkness is one of Conrad’s greatest achievements in the foeld of characterization and yet Mr. Kurtz remains a mysterious person whom we are not able to understand fully, while Conrad has certainly delineated Mr. Kurtz is a manner which fascinates us, we can not claim that we have been able to understand the mind of Mr. Kurtz. He remains as puzzle evern thought most of the individual traits of this man have clearly been brought our notice.

Kurtz is an agent in the Belgian Trading Company. He appears in the novel at a very late stage when he is in one the point of death. So he is viewed thorough a number of characters. We first know the name of Mr. Kurtz from the chief Accountant of the trading Company. He describes Kurtz as a remarkable man. He speaks of the high potential of Mr. Kurtz.

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On the other, Mr. Kurtz hand is able to collect as much ivory for export as all the other agents of the company taken together. The brick maker has informed Marlow who is the speaker of this novel that Kurtz that he has become popular because the large collection of ivory. The brick maker admires Kurtz by describing him as a ‘universal genius’.

Much of the information about Mr. Kurtz is provided by the Russian who had became his intimate companion. The Russian is deeply impressed by the influence that Kurtz experts over the natives around him. He know that Kurtz could kill men with impurity. He could with the natives over to his own side and kill those who rebelled again his authority.

He could roam the jungle alone in search of ivory. Once he was ready to kill the Russian because he did into surrender to him a small amount of ivory.

Strong sense of power Kurtz

Kurtz has developed a strong sense of power in the region in which he lives. Thus, He shows his sense of ownership of things by repeatedly saying in the following way:

:”My ivory, my intend, my station, my rive, my…”

At this point Marlow feels that if Mr. Kurtz owns everything around hi, he himself is owned by the power of darkness. In other words Mr. Kurtz who has taken a high seat among the devils of the land, seems to Marlow to be a man who has become wholly evil. Thus he has become an embodiment of evil.

In this early life Mr.Kurtz had been a man of sound view and an enlightened outlook upon life. On one occasion he had written a pamphlet in which he had argued that the white man had a great responsibility towards the savages who recognized his superior abilities and gifts.  

“ We white from the point of development we have arrieved at “Must necessary appear to them (savages) in the nature of Supernatural beings. We approach them with the might as of a deity and so on”

Having lived among them, Mr. Kurtz he has been satisfying all the primitive appeties and their gratification include all kinds of sex perversions as collective sex orgies, gang rape, homosexually, sadist and masochistic practices and so on.

Mr. Kurtz Last words the horror the horror heart of darkness

However before dying Mr. Kurtz had pronounced a judgment upon the adventures which his soul had gone through on this earth. The judgment was. “The horror! The horror!” while dying, Mr Kurtz had realized that his life on the earth had been a horrible and horrifying affair.

Evidently while doing he had become keenly aware of evil which he had been committing during his stay among the savages and of the diabolical deeds which he had been performing in association and in collaboration with savages

Even the civilized aspect his life in the Congo had not been of the kind of inspire any hope of salvation in the dying man because as civilized man, he had all the time felt observed by the his passion of ivory.

Thus, though the last word of Kurtz Conrad is determined to make his reader understand that the fate of Kurtz is that of any man place in the same position.    

Analysis of Kurtz in Heart of Darkness

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