Joseph Andrews Character Analysis in The Novel Joseph Andrews By Henry Fielding


A lot of students have asked me a question who is the hero in Fileding’s Joseph Andrews and asked me to discuss about Joseph Andrews character analysis. So Let’s discuss about the character of Joseph Andrews.

Although the title of the novel comes with the name of Joseph, Abraham Adam concerns the chief attraction of the readers. The readers are more involved in the old foolish person and his encounters with the inhuman, callous, hypocritical and vain people around him. Though he is the comic hero the story, yet it is his fortune that the readers follow him with greater attention.

Who is the hero in Fielding’s Joseph Andrews?

Person Abraham Adams is the center of interest in the novel. If Joseph Andrew is the soul of the novel he is the heart of it. He is a unique creations of Fielding. He is as unique as Don Quixote of Cervantes. He is Fielding’s ordinal creation. He has been modeled on Fielding’s friend the Revernd William Young and the character of Don Quixote of Cervantes. His characterization is a fine example of Fielding’s art.

joseph andrews character analysis

Abraham Adam in Joseph Andrews

Abraham Adam has a “Comic face with bearded chin and deeply wrinkled cheeks”. His legs are so ling that they almost touch the ground when he rides on horseback. He is hard and rigged. Being a middle-aged man of fifty he maintains a wonderful health. He always wears a tattered hat. In his hand he carries a stout crab-stick.

Besides the old dress and shabby appearance, Adams has certain additives too. He is very inquisitive. So, he us an avid listener than a glib talker. He say in the following ways:

“At the age of fifty he still has the fresh soul

Of a child who looks out our world with young eys”

He also say that:

“ Drank, brave man and a fighting man”.

Though, Adam has a large family, his wife and six children and a low income of only 23 dollar a year, yet he is able to maintain his scholarship. He is a man of great learning. Educated at the University of Cambridge, he has made himself familiar wit many languages like Greek and Latin Classics.

He can lecture on Home like a University professor and he can profusely quote from Terocritus and Virgil. His favorite writer is Aeschylus. He has read the tragedies of Aeschylus and number of other books, But he us not well versed with modern literature.

In this novel, we see that Abraham Adam’s meets Joseph at the inn. Finding Joseph in a serious condition he decides to stay at this inn. Joseph is nursed by Adams. Now the health condition of Joseph is normal and sound. Adams decides to accompany Joseph.

In a point Adam goes quickly towards the spot from where a woman’s cries are coming. Reaching the spot, he sees that a man is trying to seduce her. Adam saves her and takes the woman as his company. Actually this woman is Fanny beloved of Joseph. They make Journey and take shelter is a Wayside Inn where Joseph is traying.

Joseph and Fanny feel most delighted at this unexpected reunion. Joseph asks Adam to perform the ceremony of marriage between him and Fanny. Adam advises him not to marry quickly. They start their journey. Now Joseph is very happy to meet with his sister Pamela. Now Joseph decides to marry. But lady Booby tries to prevent it but she fails.

Now another complication appears. Joseph and Fanny are suspected to be brother and sister. But very soon it is proved that they are not brother and sister. Now there is nothing to prevent Joseph from marrying Fanny. The ceremony of marriage is performed by Adams.

So, we see the happy ending of the novel. Through reading this novel we see the good nature of Adams. He is generous, friendly, kind, sympathetic and brave. His service for Joseph is remarkable. He defends Betty against an attack by her mistress. Mrs. Tow Wouse. He serves Fanny from rape. He fights with a landlord in order to save Joseph. He saves Mrs. Slipslop from the clutches of Mr. Didapper.

“Madam, I knew not what your ladyship means by the terms master and service. I am in the service of a Master who will never discard me from doing my duty.”    

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